Wednesday, November 17, 2010

I love her, she loves me

(the accident day)

NOW !!!
(I love the stickers !! Kinda childish huhh? At least they aren't footsteps.
Now Savvy looks more like a compact car)

I wish I could've changed CCH to CRR
Blue to white.
2480 to 1503

I wish a Savvy can turn into Mini Cooper or at least Swift.
or ....
a Porsche Carrera GT !

p/s: I've no idea why I'm writing this. A tribute to Savvy kot, a memoir? At least I write something about her in this blog before purchasing Carrera (hehh). I told mama that I'll use Savvy even my name turns to Dr. Sara or Puan Sara. Can you believe it guys, of cos la bunches of cars that I crazily dreamed of all this while akan turun harga kan bcos there are lots more newer, and I'll get one anyway with money in hands.

Actually, I'd been blessed by my parents' generosity when they(especially mama) initially bought this Savvy as a step of persuading not to pursue study overseas. And this happened even before the SPM, too early huhh, and I didn't even know to drive a car yet at that time. Ha ha ha did she think this gonna change my mind? I'll change my decision if it's Carrera. No, and never. InsyaAllah I'll fly okayy, plis2 pray for me.

After all, I love this blue Savvy even I'd love her more if she's white.

Apa kaitan Briaan McFadden dengan Savvy?

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