Saturday, September 18, 2010

We live our life to the fullest

Who said medic students don't seem to have life?

I (in future) might probably DON'T when it comes to facing books

But !!

I DO have one when it's HARI RAYA

Yeah, I lived my HARI RAYA festival to the fullest !

Thanks to all friends that successfully cherished my Hari Raya which initially didn't seem to it is. I'm proud to say that I drove the beloved Savvy to Balok and Jaya Gading, visiting long-no-see buddies there, which I can call it is quite distant from my house.

And I must say, IT WAS WONDERFUL to have a four-cars-trip altogether with INSTARians !!!

Love you all so so so much (even I didn't look to be comfortable with the guys' presence), in fact I do in particular logic. Sorry for not opening my mouth throwing any word to the guys (I guess I did to all girls) It was a quite awkward ambience seeing long-no-see friends around, huu~ Yeah, meeting friends who've grown up together and then respectively look so so different as compared to the previous era we used to be is something unacceptable temporarily. Human do change, rite?

Ok, a credit to Shura for being my co-pilot (ada lesen ke Shura?) along these 2 days. Plus, I'm so grateful to see Kak Siti. Very very. To Kak Diey, welcome back to Tanah Melayu from Prague, really really hope to see you, tapi apakan daya, jarak separates us.

And friends, MAAF ZAHIR BATIN...

Thursday, September 16, 2010

wat goes around, comes around

As for me, what I give is something expected to be given back to me, in sense of how I treat people around. How I react to something is actually is the real reflection of what people around did act upon me. Yeah, it is !

I still remember one moment at my early secondary schooling when I got the highest score in math. The sense of charity suddenly overwhelmed me without thinking twice, I sat near a friend who's scratching her head thinking of a math solution and asked, "Ada apa boleh tolong?"

Yeah, I offered her my hand !!

And realized, she didn't ask me to do so and replied,

"Tau ar math highest, tak payah ar berlagak"

Fine! It pretty stabbed me from behind, deep inside my heart, ouchhh, it hurts though. Somehow, more or less, it came from my own flaw. In fact, not all people are willing to be helped with no requirement, includes me sometimes, we used to settle down something by our own bare hands. Something to do with egoism? Perhaps!

I can call it a paranoid.

I ask people so seldom for any help that I might be able to deliver.

What to do, this sticks on me until this day. Sorry friends...

Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Balik rumah, tinggal kolej
Balik rumah, tinggal study
Balik kolej, tinggal family

The most important...

Tinggal kolej, 'ter'tinggal usrah, 'ter'tinggal tazkirah, 'ter'tinggal ibadat2 sunat
Lemahnya aku!!!

Ya ALLAH, ampuni aku, aku LALAI !!!

Ya ALLAH, bantulah aku, pimpinlah aku kembali ke jalan-MU

Gratisan Musik

Hanya ENGKAU yang aku damba, YA ALLAH

Tapi hakikatnya, aku tak mau tinggalkan rumah utk ke kolej, 3 more days to go ='( sobsebsob

Tuesday, September 14, 2010