Thursday, December 23, 2010


I was initially reluctant to post this entry.

Since I would look like a good sister if I'd have done this, I decided to write a few words then. Ngee ~

Ni hah janda anak dua baru lepas ambek result PMR semalam.


to (Cik Puan) Norlisya Muhamad Hanapi

Another legendary moment was created. Alhamdulillah. Thanks to mama, abah, teachers and for most ALLAH the most merciful.

Congratez too to her clans :

- Wina
- Dayah Sungai Isap
- Zafirah
- Instarians 0812
- All their friends

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

ada budak sengal

Once upon a time, there're 2 unknown (feeling-less-looking) girls approaching me while I was glancing at books in MBS Megamall Kuantan. And diorang ni sangat sengal dengan sudoku even one of them doesn't even know how to fill the numbers into the boxes. Nganganga ...

Tetiba datang buat-buat macam kenal. Sempat gak la aku snap muka dua ketul manusia tuh =P

Blue : Weh, comey ahh Kak Sara an.
White : Aah lah aku setuju ngan kau, dia memang comey beb.
Blue : Between aku ngan Kak Sara an, yang mana yang lagi cute ek kau rasa?
White : Mesti ar Kak Sara. Kau awal2 out of list. Gagaga
Blue : Kau memang saja an taknak kasi aku belanja kau sudoku ni.
White : Hah yang tu buat apa, sudoku for dummies. Untuk kau layak lah.
Blue : (=_=)

(Aku mencuri-curi dengar)

Balik2 rumah, aku google. Hah dapat pun aku true image one of the girls. Yang lagi satu aku tak google sebab macam kurang cute jep.

Budak comel tersesat dari Sungai Isap rupanya, tempat biasa aku lepak sambil curi kabel tepon.

Kalau dia ada terbaca page ni, akak nak ucapkan terima kasih atas pujian yang awak lontarkan tempoh hari yep. Akak tak sengaja dengar your conversation with your friend, sori =P HAHA

Aku terasa sengal.

Monday, December 20, 2010

out of track

I'm here in the blogspot, a comeback huh

To remind myself, the end of the break is nearly to its end and all the course works are yet untouched, I mean ALL. I shouldn't say this proudly, shall I? In the middle of people who are currently struggling for the best in completing the mountainous works, I would need to humbly sit down and start thinking to put my hands on those assignments. Sara, when are you gonna start that? As some kind of solution, I think I would need a conducive condition to fix all things back. Backspace backspace.

What stops my momentum?

Hah, apa nih? WGM. Apa itu WGM? Google sendiri.
Those people above were guilty, especially Alex and Shin Ae. Gagaga.
p/s : I really hate their farewell, really. ='(

Since WGM is a show about relationship, it's not late to recommend this. WAFMWAFV, panjang sangat malas nak retype.

It's already old in market, but I only got the chance to buy one newer version lately. First from motivation-genre book in hands (yela selama ni dok asyik layan Hlovate je, instead of Charles Dickens and Thomas Hardy yang dah lama kutinggalkan)

Very useful, no doubt.

Just letting you know, I'm proud that this blog is finally updated. =P

p/s : Sara sounded cheesy. Yuckks =P. Bye

Monday, December 13, 2010

aku yg malas

I am too lazy to get the blog updated =)

One for sure, I'm not that lazy to get online

~ Just came back from Kelantan ~

Have a happy day you and you ... =P

Friday, December 3, 2010

It's really a something ...

Alhamdulillah two-torturing-week duration comes to its end. Now I've set free temporarily. Yet, I have and have to admit that I'M A BIT NERVOUS ! Feeling nervous sometimes be said really really not me, I tend to get relaxed or in other better word, be ignorant with things happening around includes what I feel inside. Different people have different style they comfort themselves and adapt to particular conditions ayte?

Anyway the aim of this entry is to express ....

It's an awesome feeling !!! fall in love...
Sara menjadi gila akibat terlalu gembira berada di rumah

Do you think falling in love is the most beautiful feeling you've ever felt?
Sara's answer : Err?

Ok. Ok. Serious. On my way to Terminal II Seremban, I met a pakcik tukang bawak teksi. Actually aku segan nak introduce that pakcik sebagai a taxi driver because he has a lot of knowledge. I wasn't trying to be skeptical, it's we call human perception. It wasn't really weird for people who already makan garam sekati to talk much about life and what they know. What truly amazed me was his determine. He is a muallaf ! And he knows lots and lots about Islam more and more than whom originally a Muslim.

And to tell you, I felt really humble as for I remembered myself don't consistently practice Islam in all ways throughout my age. He initially found Islam through marriage, and after six years, he left his career as a consultant all the way to study deeply about Islam.

His love is to ALLAH is much much beyond than our love to HIM whose already born with Islam.

His love to ALLAH is the only love he holds into belief that could bring him to JANNAH

Subhanallah walhamdulillah.

I realize, Allah sent me someone to remind me about the greatness of HIM that day.

It's a great feeling.