Thursday, December 23, 2010


I was initially reluctant to post this entry.

Since I would look like a good sister if I'd have done this, I decided to write a few words then. Ngee ~

Ni hah janda anak dua baru lepas ambek result PMR semalam.


to (Cik Puan) Norlisya Muhamad Hanapi

Another legendary moment was created. Alhamdulillah. Thanks to mama, abah, teachers and for most ALLAH the most merciful.

Congratez too to her clans :

- Wina
- Dayah Sungai Isap
- Zafirah
- Instarians 0812
- All their friends

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

ada budak sengal

Once upon a time, there're 2 unknown (feeling-less-looking) girls approaching me while I was glancing at books in MBS Megamall Kuantan. And diorang ni sangat sengal dengan sudoku even one of them doesn't even know how to fill the numbers into the boxes. Nganganga ...

Tetiba datang buat-buat macam kenal. Sempat gak la aku snap muka dua ketul manusia tuh =P

Blue : Weh, comey ahh Kak Sara an.
White : Aah lah aku setuju ngan kau, dia memang comey beb.
Blue : Between aku ngan Kak Sara an, yang mana yang lagi cute ek kau rasa?
White : Mesti ar Kak Sara. Kau awal2 out of list. Gagaga
Blue : Kau memang saja an taknak kasi aku belanja kau sudoku ni.
White : Hah yang tu buat apa, sudoku for dummies. Untuk kau layak lah.
Blue : (=_=)

(Aku mencuri-curi dengar)

Balik2 rumah, aku google. Hah dapat pun aku true image one of the girls. Yang lagi satu aku tak google sebab macam kurang cute jep.

Budak comel tersesat dari Sungai Isap rupanya, tempat biasa aku lepak sambil curi kabel tepon.

Kalau dia ada terbaca page ni, akak nak ucapkan terima kasih atas pujian yang awak lontarkan tempoh hari yep. Akak tak sengaja dengar your conversation with your friend, sori =P HAHA

Aku terasa sengal.

Monday, December 20, 2010

out of track

I'm here in the blogspot, a comeback huh

To remind myself, the end of the break is nearly to its end and all the course works are yet untouched, I mean ALL. I shouldn't say this proudly, shall I? In the middle of people who are currently struggling for the best in completing the mountainous works, I would need to humbly sit down and start thinking to put my hands on those assignments. Sara, when are you gonna start that? As some kind of solution, I think I would need a conducive condition to fix all things back. Backspace backspace.

What stops my momentum?

Hah, apa nih? WGM. Apa itu WGM? Google sendiri.
Those people above were guilty, especially Alex and Shin Ae. Gagaga.
p/s : I really hate their farewell, really. ='(

Since WGM is a show about relationship, it's not late to recommend this. WAFMWAFV, panjang sangat malas nak retype.

It's already old in market, but I only got the chance to buy one newer version lately. First from motivation-genre book in hands (yela selama ni dok asyik layan Hlovate je, instead of Charles Dickens and Thomas Hardy yang dah lama kutinggalkan)

Very useful, no doubt.

Just letting you know, I'm proud that this blog is finally updated. =P

p/s : Sara sounded cheesy. Yuckks =P. Bye

Monday, December 13, 2010

aku yg malas

I am too lazy to get the blog updated =)

One for sure, I'm not that lazy to get online

~ Just came back from Kelantan ~

Have a happy day you and you ... =P

Friday, December 3, 2010

It's really a something ...

Alhamdulillah two-torturing-week duration comes to its end. Now I've set free temporarily. Yet, I have and have to admit that I'M A BIT NERVOUS ! Feeling nervous sometimes be said really really not me, I tend to get relaxed or in other better word, be ignorant with things happening around includes what I feel inside. Different people have different style they comfort themselves and adapt to particular conditions ayte?

Anyway the aim of this entry is to express ....

It's an awesome feeling !!! fall in love...
Sara menjadi gila akibat terlalu gembira berada di rumah

Do you think falling in love is the most beautiful feeling you've ever felt?
Sara's answer : Err?

Ok. Ok. Serious. On my way to Terminal II Seremban, I met a pakcik tukang bawak teksi. Actually aku segan nak introduce that pakcik sebagai a taxi driver because he has a lot of knowledge. I wasn't trying to be skeptical, it's we call human perception. It wasn't really weird for people who already makan garam sekati to talk much about life and what they know. What truly amazed me was his determine. He is a muallaf ! And he knows lots and lots about Islam more and more than whom originally a Muslim.

And to tell you, I felt really humble as for I remembered myself don't consistently practice Islam in all ways throughout my age. He initially found Islam through marriage, and after six years, he left his career as a consultant all the way to study deeply about Islam.

His love is to ALLAH is much much beyond than our love to HIM whose already born with Islam.

His love to ALLAH is the only love he holds into belief that could bring him to JANNAH

Subhanallah walhamdulillah.

I realize, Allah sent me someone to remind me about the greatness of HIM that day.

It's a great feeling.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Byebye Home

Am heading to Seremban, 10-day break ends here. Byebye home, hello college.

Anas said, The Messenger of Allah, peace and blessings of Allah be on him, said:

"He who goes forth in search of knowledge is in the way of Allah till he returns." (Tr. 39:2.)

p/s: Really hope to score the best for the final. Oh ALLAH, guide us!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

I love her, she loves me

(the accident day)

NOW !!!
(I love the stickers !! Kinda childish huhh? At least they aren't footsteps.
Now Savvy looks more like a compact car)

I wish I could've changed CCH to CRR
Blue to white.
2480 to 1503

I wish a Savvy can turn into Mini Cooper or at least Swift.
or ....
a Porsche Carrera GT !

p/s: I've no idea why I'm writing this. A tribute to Savvy kot, a memoir? At least I write something about her in this blog before purchasing Carrera (hehh). I told mama that I'll use Savvy even my name turns to Dr. Sara or Puan Sara. Can you believe it guys, of cos la bunches of cars that I crazily dreamed of all this while akan turun harga kan bcos there are lots more newer, and I'll get one anyway with money in hands.

Actually, I'd been blessed by my parents' generosity when they(especially mama) initially bought this Savvy as a step of persuading not to pursue study overseas. And this happened even before the SPM, too early huhh, and I didn't even know to drive a car yet at that time. Ha ha ha did she think this gonna change my mind? I'll change my decision if it's Carrera. No, and never. InsyaAllah I'll fly okayy, plis2 pray for me.

After all, I love this blue Savvy even I'd love her more if she's white.

Apa kaitan Briaan McFadden dengan Savvy?

raya again?


Semoga kita dapat menyelami erti sebenar sebuah pengorbanan...

Hayati pengorbanan seorang ayah atas dasar kepatuhan, ketaatan kepada-NYA, sanggup mengorbankan rasa kasih terhadap si anak demi kasihnya terhadap sang Pencipta yang maha kekal abadi.

Click here for an extra article.

One thing I regret about. Some of us don't even know how Eid Adha conceptually is. It's a religious, Islamic event, we shall have all things about it in mind. In short, it's fardhu ain to know. Yeah, knowing is important, yet to practice it is another thing different. Basic thing, DO NOT BE IGNORANT especially towards things closely related to us, basically about Islam, our own be-born-with religion.

The Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) said: "The seeking of knowledge is obligatory for every Muslim." - Al-Tirmidhi, Hadith 74

Yes, 'ilm is important. Admitting my weakness, I too don't know everything (of course it happens to everyone). Another basic matter, gain the knowledge. Books, internet, TV are here for us, switch them on and search for what we haven't yet mastered.

Come, let's kick this off. InsyaAllah.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

they are wonderful

My bro is the only son my dad has so far. Dad loves him like any other typical dad does to his son. I know.


They love arguing to each other.
They don't think alike, which is not something abnormal between 2 different individuals eytt.

Dad is soft-spoken, bro is stone-headed. They don't mix. Sometimes they do, but most of the time, no.

Dad likes giving advices especially on their way sending bro to school, but bro interprets the way dad talks differently. A tease? A sarcasm? In short, bro just could not accept the words, yea sometimes. Ohh...
But, they are wonderful.

They are father-son.

How wonderful an ALLAH's gift is. The love is there, yea between their hearts. Alhamdulillah.

Ya ALLAH, nourish this love !

Sunday, October 31, 2010


Lately I realized something beautiful
I realized things I got is not only for me myself.
Sharing is caring, huhh
Life is beautiful when you give.

Let's be giving

Allah likes it

Monday, October 25, 2010


How to stop thinking about someone who has nothing to do with you? Huhhh

Thursday, October 21, 2010

simple thingy

I always see big things
I don't see small things big.
I always think things simply, yes it's me.

Don't get the point? That's your fault. (??)

Something to deliver, but no smallest idea gets through the head. It's hard to choose accurate words huh.

Ok Ok


What comes across my mind?

I've realized, I think of this simply, perhaps in the simplest way, I sometimes ignore this Allah's word.

Firman Allah SWT dalam ayat 208 surah al-Baqarah bermaksud: "Wahaiorang-orang yang beriman! Masuklah kamu ke dalam Islam secaramenyeluruh dan janganlah kamu mengikuti langkah-langkah syaitan.Sesungguhnya syaitan itu adalah musuh kamu yang nyata."
I've done so so much things against this. I've realized how much I get deviated from the correct way. I tend to think big matters, at the same time, small little thingies are brushed aside.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

on line

We shouldn't be only knowing online in mind
In fact human being supposed to be on a straight line, always !

I've realized something lately, honestly it never came across my mind before. And once it came over, it stunned me, I got myself into sense. Which path are we following?

Kita datang ini hanya sebagai tetamu senja
Bila tiba detik kembalilah kita kepadaNya
Kita datang ini kosong tangan kosong dada
Bila pulang nanti bawa dosa bawa pahala

Pada tetamu yang datang dan kenal jalan pulang
Bawalah bakti mesra kepada tuhan kepada insan
Pada tetamu yang datang dan lupa jalan pulang
Usahlah derhaka kepada Tuhan kepada insan

Bila kita lihat manusia lupa tempat
Atau segera sesat puja darjat puja pangkat
Segera kita insaf kita ini punya kiblat
Segera kita ingat kita ini punya tekad

Bila kita lihat manusia terbiar larat
Hingga mesti merempat ke biru laut ke kuning darat
Harus kita lekas segera sedar pada tugas

Kita datang ini satu roh satu jasad
Bila pulang nanti bawalah bakti padat berkat
Lyrics by A. Samad Said
Sung by Kopratasa

This song emerged during my Malay class, past few days.

Kita datang ini hanya sebagai tetamu senja

Yes, we are! Then when the time comes, we'll return to HIM. And along the path towards the destination, all we have to do is collecting deeds for the hereafter. And yet, sometimes, we forget HIM.

Oh ALLAH, please strengthen us ! Guide us on the straight line before returning to YOU...

Thursday, October 14, 2010


Salam alayk

I've sent TOK essay second draft, my oral already passed 2 weeks ago, alhamdulillah.
Yet, our oral topic slightly deviated from it's supposed to be, we talked unneeded things, well not actually unnecessary but it's kinda being limited by the knowledge issue. Or else, it'd be good, HA HA HA perasan! Now am thinking of redoing.

And now also, EE second draft will kick off. I'll kick you or else the teacher will kick me, HA HA stupid joke (huhh ??)

Coming up next:

Taraaa... Malay IOC

(kalau budak2 IB tak taw jargon2 yg aku gunakan di atas mereka layak di'expel' dari dunia"

p/s : I'm looking forward to get home looking for some peace.

Monday, October 4, 2010


Czech? Poland ?

or INDIA ???

Manipal Melaka Medical College is somehow great!

p/s : Sara is busy, no time to get her blog updated =P

Saturday, September 18, 2010

We live our life to the fullest

Who said medic students don't seem to have life?

I (in future) might probably DON'T when it comes to facing books

But !!

I DO have one when it's HARI RAYA

Yeah, I lived my HARI RAYA festival to the fullest !

Thanks to all friends that successfully cherished my Hari Raya which initially didn't seem to it is. I'm proud to say that I drove the beloved Savvy to Balok and Jaya Gading, visiting long-no-see buddies there, which I can call it is quite distant from my house.

And I must say, IT WAS WONDERFUL to have a four-cars-trip altogether with INSTARians !!!

Love you all so so so much (even I didn't look to be comfortable with the guys' presence), in fact I do in particular logic. Sorry for not opening my mouth throwing any word to the guys (I guess I did to all girls) It was a quite awkward ambience seeing long-no-see friends around, huu~ Yeah, meeting friends who've grown up together and then respectively look so so different as compared to the previous era we used to be is something unacceptable temporarily. Human do change, rite?

Ok, a credit to Shura for being my co-pilot (ada lesen ke Shura?) along these 2 days. Plus, I'm so grateful to see Kak Siti. Very very. To Kak Diey, welcome back to Tanah Melayu from Prague, really really hope to see you, tapi apakan daya, jarak separates us.

And friends, MAAF ZAHIR BATIN...

Thursday, September 16, 2010

wat goes around, comes around

As for me, what I give is something expected to be given back to me, in sense of how I treat people around. How I react to something is actually is the real reflection of what people around did act upon me. Yeah, it is !

I still remember one moment at my early secondary schooling when I got the highest score in math. The sense of charity suddenly overwhelmed me without thinking twice, I sat near a friend who's scratching her head thinking of a math solution and asked, "Ada apa boleh tolong?"

Yeah, I offered her my hand !!

And realized, she didn't ask me to do so and replied,

"Tau ar math highest, tak payah ar berlagak"

Fine! It pretty stabbed me from behind, deep inside my heart, ouchhh, it hurts though. Somehow, more or less, it came from my own flaw. In fact, not all people are willing to be helped with no requirement, includes me sometimes, we used to settle down something by our own bare hands. Something to do with egoism? Perhaps!

I can call it a paranoid.

I ask people so seldom for any help that I might be able to deliver.

What to do, this sticks on me until this day. Sorry friends...

Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Balik rumah, tinggal kolej
Balik rumah, tinggal study
Balik kolej, tinggal family

The most important...

Tinggal kolej, 'ter'tinggal usrah, 'ter'tinggal tazkirah, 'ter'tinggal ibadat2 sunat
Lemahnya aku!!!

Ya ALLAH, ampuni aku, aku LALAI !!!

Ya ALLAH, bantulah aku, pimpinlah aku kembali ke jalan-MU

Gratisan Musik

Hanya ENGKAU yang aku damba, YA ALLAH

Tapi hakikatnya, aku tak mau tinggalkan rumah utk ke kolej, 3 more days to go ='( sobsebsob

Tuesday, September 14, 2010





Thursday, August 26, 2010


Salam Ramadan ke 17
Alhamdulillah sampai hari ke-17 kita berjaya mengharungi bulan ramadan dengan jayanya,
DIA masih memberi kita peluang bernafas, melihat dunia dan menikmati berkat bulan Ramadan, tapi betulkah kita ni ahli Ramadan? Satu tahap yang hendak dicapai secara general. Yang perlu ada, usaha dan redha daripada-NYA

InsyaAllah, semoga kita dapat sama2 mengejar baraqah di bulan mulia ini

Gratisan Musik

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Kenapa as-syabab?

Salam alayk

Ahad lepas, aku menghadiri Seminar Kesejahteraan Mahasiswa Haluan di Masjid Wilayah Jalan Duta. Seminar yang memberikan aku input yang sangat2 berguna sebagai pemudi Islam zaman globalisasi. Seriously, seminar tu membuka mata aku. Betapa berat sebenarnya beban yang ditanggung seorang pemuda Muslim. Seminar yang menjawab persoalan kenapa as-syabab (pemuda) yang sering ditekankan masyarakat dalam apa jua bidang fardu kifayah di sekeliling kita. Kenapa? Aku teringat kata2 penceramah;

"Kenapa as-syabab? Sebab pemuda ni berdarah gemuruh, sentiasa bersemangat
dalam apa jua perkara yang mereka lakukan"

Memang betul! Itu yang berlaku pada diri aku sendiri sepanjang Minggu Aksi kolej minggu lepas. Sanggup stay up sampai pukul 3 4 pagi semata2 nak siapkan banner, decoration booth segala bagai. Tapi mampukah aku bangun setiap hari pukul 3 4 pagi semata-mata untuk sujud menghadap sang Pencipta? Realitinya, memang kita dalam kekaburan. Dikaburi dengan kesibukan duniawi, ukhrawi kadang2 dilupa. Kadang2 tanpa sedar kita bersikap sekular, nilai Islami hanya diaplikasi dalam perkara2 yang kononnya bersifat keagamaan. Islam itu ad-deen, satu cara hidup, tidak terkecuali apa pun. Hatta dalam tandas sekalipun, Islam ada garis panduannya.

Ada dua isi paling penting yang aku dapat through seminar tu;

  • Aku nak syahid!!
  • Tak sempurna iman seseorang itu kalau Al-Quran tidak menjadi kalam paling mujarab dalam mencari sebuah ketenangan dalam apa keadaan sekali pun.
Dalam satu slot bersama Tn Hj Norazam Shamsudin (kalau tak salah), presiden Haluan Palestin yang join misi Flotilla ke Gaza, banyak yang diceritakan. Bagaimana Furqan, pemuda Turki 19 tahun syahid dalam genggaman zionis dalam keadaan berdoa. Bagaimana Furqan sanggup menggadaikan masa cuti pengajiannya yang sepatutnya dihabiskan bersama keluarga sebelum menyambung pengajian ke Amerika dalam jurusan perubatan. Subhanallah betapa hebatnya pemuda ni. Sungguh!

Kalau disandarkan pada diri aku, mampukah? Mampukah aku meninggalkan keluarga tercinta untuk berjuang di jalan Allah meski aku tahu perjuangan itu sangat hampir kepada syahid?

Ya ALLAH, bantulah kami, tentera-tentera agamaMu! Bangunkanlah kami dari lena! Bangkitkanlah kami dan bimbinglah kami dalam menuju jalan jihadMu!

Bangunlah wahai pemuda! Kita dalam lena yang panjang. Sedarlah, terlalu berat tanggungjawab kita sebenarnya. Jangan biarkan diri kita dikaburi nafsu terhadap cinta, harta. Jangan meletakkan jiwa pemuda yang kita miliki ke jalan yang tidak sepatutnya. Jiwa yang gemuruh dan semangat berkobar yang kita miliki sayang andai disia-siakan.

p/s: Sangat2 bersyukur dapat bersua muka dengan Adibah setelah sekian lama. Ya ukhti, sama2 kita berdoa semoga istiqamah dalam perjuangan mencari redhaNYA

Saturday, July 10, 2010


Seriously, cerita ni sangat bes !
Aku dijangkiti wabak tengok filem ni bila budak2 Balqis semua pakat tengok

Sara sangat meminati lagu ini, harap maklum

Give me some sunshine
Give me some rain
Give me another chance so I can grow up once again

Seriously terlalu banyak moral values yang viewers akan dapat through this
Macam2 aku belajar even perkara yang aku belajar through filem ni bukan perkara baru dalam hidup
Kejap2 gelak kejap lagi nangis pulak
Kadang2 rasa macam orang gila bila tengok filem ni
Macam2 rasa ada, you nak apa?

Kisah persahabatan yang aku tak tahu wujud or tak kat dunia realiti
Bond 3 idiots ni terlalu ukuh, seriously
Happy sama2 sedih sama2, itu la label fungsi kawan bagi definisi otak aku, sama macam apa yang diorang possess even aku bukan lah seorang kawan hatta sahabat yang orang keliling boleh declare bagus

Another thing, we're supposed to look at what area are we really into regards to our future
Kalau you minat engineering, go on, jangan pulak involve yourself in medicine. Don't mess up your mind dengan perkara2 yang you actually tak minat
Sebab the career will gonna be your flesh and blood for the whole of your life, hidup kena enjoy will full blast and of course we want it in the best shape

And too, nilai kekeluargaan yang filem ni paparkan membuka mata aku
Especially masa scene yang Rancho cakap, "Exams are there, many, but our father is the only one in life" Huwaa, sebak woo~

p/s : Betullah orang cakap, belajar bukan setakat dari buku, filem pon boleh kira metodologi timba ilmu jugak. So tengoklah filem masa weekends n bila2 masa yang anda free. Tengok filem lagi Sara sampai kau punye EE tak siap ye...

Friday, June 25, 2010

ma !!!

Salesgirl : Dik, kenapa nangis ni dik?
Budak : Saya nak beli tu, tapi mak saya tak kasi
Salesgirl : Abis, mak adik tak sayang adik dah ke?
Budak : %$#@*&

Pelakon - adik saudara aku

Ambik nak kau, dia buat scene meleleh pulak dah kat Careffour (betul ke eja ni weh?). Yang kesian, makcik aku lah, dok heret dia pergi sana pergi sini, budak ni nak kena pujuk, almaklumlah anak bongsu kan. Padahal darjah empat dah kot, tak faham aku, manja terlebih. Ayih, Ayih. (nama dia lahh)

Itulah budak zaman sekarang (dah tu aku budak zaman dulu ke?) kalau tak bagi benda yang dia hajat, terus melenting, menangis, memberontak. Each wish must be fulfilled. Dalam kes ni, aku tak salahkan makcik aku sebab didikan yang tak baik sebab yang aku observe anak-anak dia yang lain independent. Maybe yang ni slek sebab anak bongsu.

Apa yang aku try nak sampaikan ni sebenarnya?

Bukan semua yang kita nak kita akan dapat (okayy crap)

Switch **

Minggu ni rumah aku dikunjungi ramai orang, hoyyah

1. Athirah datang ! Suka suka suka. Rindu Tirah banget sih. Tapi ketidakhadiran suara yang merdu membataskan aku untuk menggegarkan rumah dengan suara tawa yang riang dengan Tirah. Nak cakap pun seksa, nak gelak mahu terkeluar anak tekak kot. Ambik dia dari rumah Aini waktu malam then makan langsat kejap then stalk fb kawan2 malam tu. Ngee~ Esok, hantar pergi rumah Shura sebab diorang nak pergi meroyan kat rumah Akmal. Uhh jeles...

2. Mokyah datang (ni loghat Kelantan, sila baca ikut ejaan) dengan sepupu, sebab nak ambik Mak. Yang ni aku sedih sebab Mak dah takde kat rumah. Aku sayang nenek aku !

3. Kawan2 sekolah datang, Afifi, Aiman n Syafiq malam tadi. Waktu ni sangat seksa nak mengeluarkan suara sampai aku nak kena teran kasi suara keluar. Kang tak teran kang ala2 berbisik jadinya. Entah diorang dengar tak apa yang aku cakap. Pape pon visit korang, I appreciate it so much. Thanks for visiting aku yang tengah kesakitan tekak ni.

Done ! Done 3 minggu house vacation, kejap lagi vacation di Seremban pulak n book vacation. Urghh. Taknak balik Seremban ahh, bandar mati. Oopss.

I'm off

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

things fall apart

Macam entah pape jek entry ni
Kalau budak IB wajib tahu ape kemenda 'Things Fall Apart' ni (kalau tak tahu memang nak kena sengkeh ahh)
'Things Fall Apart' = Okonkwo, apa kaitannya?
Okonkwo tu nama main character dalam novel ni

Okonkwo original version, a masterpiece from Chinua Achebe
A novel originated from Africa

Komen?? Novel yang sangat tak menarik, aku baca sepintas lalu jek dalam masa dua hari then tak paham apa2 then tak tahu apa2 yang jadi dalam novel tu then aku tak ingat watak2 dalam novel ni. Nasib baik ada presentation dalam kelas. Thanks yek kawan2. Ngee~


Aku sebenarnya tak berniat pun nak bercerita pasal novel yang tak berapa nak menarik ni sebab aku dah bosan belajar piece ni dalam kelas sem 2 ni


Aku nak bercerita pasal sentence 'Things Fall Apart' tu sendiri

Literal translation
Benda-benda jatuh berderai (ehh yeke??)

Conseptual definition (ewah macam debate lak)
Perkara2 dan konsep2 baik yang telah diwujudkan dan disebarkan oleh pihak2 zaman lampau kepada generasi akan datang tetapi generasi baru tidak mengaplikasikannya dalam kehidupan mereka sebaliknya mungkin dilupakan terus

Masa ni aku tengah tengok 'Kau dan Aku' (alaa drama astro ria yang entah pape entah tu yang Mila gedik ngan Akim then Aril yang bajet cool-konklusi aku tak suka drama ni tapi tengok gak apa kes??)
Yang aku nak luahkan kat sini ialah bila tengok drama ni, langsung aku tak nampak perempuan bertudung yang tutup aurat. Langsung. LANGSUNG !
N semuanya gedik (oopss)
Motif cerita tu pasal cinta jelah, takde benda lain ke, ayyo tak educational langsung lah beb.
Tak menggambarkan situasi kolej yang patutnya menjadi tempat menuntut ilmu dunia wal ukhrawi, ada ek wujud kolej spesies ni, tolong bagitahu aku sikit. Kalau ye pon nak buat cerita pasal kehidupan kolej tolonglah at least establish environment or scene diorang tengah study ke (boleh gak inspire aku ni sikit2) even diorang tu belajar muzik whereas aku budak IB (takde persamaan langsung kot)

MasyaAllah, Rasulullah kekasih Allah individu paling mulia dalam kalangan manusia dah berusaha sehabis daya dah nak sampaikan risalah sama ada lelaki atau perempuan wajib menutup aurat.
Kita dapat tengok daripada peristiwa Asma' Abu Bakar ditegur Rasulullah.

"Wahai Asma' sesungguhnya seseorang wanita itu apabila telah baligh (haid) maka tidak boleh baginya menampakkan tubuhnya kecuali ini dan ini, seraya menunjukkan wajah dan tapak tanggannya" (HR Abu Dawud)

Dan dalam Quran sendiri Allah dah gariskan panduan cara penutupan aurat yang sempurna, kain kerudung (tudung lahh, ni bahasa indon) mestilah labuh menutupi dada.

"Wahai Nabi! Katakanlah kepada isteri-isterimu, anak-anak perempuanmu dan isteri-isteri orang Mukmin, hendaklah mereka menggulurkan jilbabnya" Al-Ahzab (33): 59

Mesti dah banyak kali dengar ni, Kalaulah Rasulullah berada di zaman kita sekarang and tengok umat2 baginda hari ni, mesti sedih kan. Aku sendiri pun still tak mampu nak penuhi semua tuntutan (at least kita sama2 cuba). N daripada apa yang aku dapat tengok through drama ni, diorang seolah-olah lupa perjuangan Rasulullah dulu, macam mana betapa Islam yang dibawa Rasulullah tu memuliakan wanita dengan cara diwajibkan menutup aurat. Menutup aurat tu bukan mengongkong okayy harap maklum ! Tu tanda Allah sayang pada kaum wanita, betapa Allah kasih akan kaum Hawa.

Fine, orang mulalah cakap 'don't judge a book by its cover'. Tu buku lah bukan manusia beragama ISLAM. "Aku free hair pon aku sembahyang la beb" Fine! Sembahyang tapi bukan ke dalam sembahyang ada terselit ayat 'Sejahtera ke atas kami dan atas hamba-hamba Allah yang soleh' dalam bacaan tahiyat. Cuba kita semak definisi soleh; orang yang beriman dan mengamalkan apa yang diperintahkan Allah. Then, bukan ke tutup aurat tu perintah Allah? Tutup rambut n dada tu perintah Allah? Then dah kalau tak ikut perintah Allah tu orang soleh ke?

Bukan ke appearance seseorang tu sebenarnya cerminan pada sifat dalaman sebenar seseorang.
Islam terbina pada 3 perkara : Akidah, Syariat, Akhlak

Akidah : Percaya pada Allah dan beriman pada setiap perintahnya
Akhlak : Tutup aurat

Then, if

Akhlak : Rambut didedah sesuka hati bagi wanita Muslim
Akidah : ???

Paham2 sendiri lah

Main thing aku nak try sampaikan, marilah sama2 kita menyemarakkan semangat keISLAMan dalam diri kita. Rasulullah dah banyak berjuang demi kita umat baginda yang amat dikasihinya. Sungguh, sia-sia perjuangan Rasulullah kalau kita, umat baginda tak teruskan perjuangan dan mengamalkan sunnah Rasulullah, roboh, berkecai

Things fall apart

Sunday, June 20, 2010

::abah's day::

Abah n me

Happy father's day to TN HJ MUHAMAD HANAPI B HUSSIN
and to all fathers worlwide....

You're always the king of my heart !! <3

Sayangilah abah@ayah@papa@babah@daddy@abi kita
Tanpa mereka, siapalah kita...

Hadith :
DaripadaAbu Hurairah r.a, sabda Rasulullah s.a.w, maksudnya:“Janganlah kamu membenci bapa-bapa kalian. Sesiapa yang membenci bapanya bererti ia kafir.”

Riwayat Muslim

Love you, dad!!!

welcome home ....


Segala puji bagi Allah

Subhanallah, Alhamdulillah wa Allahuakbar

Setinggi-tinggi syukur aku panjatkan ke hadratMu ya Allah kerana telah mengembalikan ibu bapaku ke tanah air dengan selamat, Alhamdulillah

Semoga umrah kali ini memberikan makna yang cukup mendalam buat mama, abah n mak(nenek)

They touched down around pukul 2 pg masa aku dok nyenyak di alam dreamworld.
Sangat la excited bila dah 2 minggu tak bertemu (padahal sebulan tak jumpa dah biasa)

Ala2 nak buat meriah sikit, aku n adik beli kek seperti tertera di atas
Welcoming party dimulakan dengan lunch ringkas (aku masak okayy)
Then, potong kek
Ish bukan nak buat doa kesyukuran tak

Alhamdullah, tugas aku sebagai penjaga rasmi adik2 dah tamat hari ni, hoyyahh ...

p/s : Ya Allah, semoga Kau makbulkan segala doa ibu bapa ku di tanah suci, amiin

Saturday, June 19, 2010


MasyaAllah, subhanallah, kenapa lah benda ni cute sangat !!!!
Huarggg !!! Geramnya aku !!! Rasa nak gigit2 !!!

Benda2 di atas ialah koleksi Cupcake's Cute, which I admit all things displayed are extremely cute!!!!
Why cupcakes?
Just click the link and you'll know the answer

Tiba2 cakap pasal benda2 cute then cupcakes, Sara memang takda arah tujuan dalam blog dia

Cute cupcakes !!!
Craving for one tapi bukan untuk dimakan untuk ditatap je
Sangat sangat cantik <3

Kenapa tiba2 aku post entry ni, sebenarnya aku dalam mood kegeraman bukan kegemaran
Kegeraman = upset (kecewa), adakah sama? Assume sama je okayy
Actually, I'm upset with myself sebab tak mampu nak buat cupcakes seperti terpacak di atas
Dah la comel, sedap pulak tu (sedap ke ?)

Okayy tipu

Bukan2, aku upset sebab tak mampu nak jadi tukang masak yang baik di rumah
Aku tak mampu nak sediakan karya masakan yang best2 untuk adik2 tersayang (sayang ke?)
Hari ni, semua yang aku buat tak kena, dah tak gaya makanan pon macam ada
Uhh disaster !!
Nasib baik mama dah nak balik, aku sendiri pon rindu her cooking (nasi ayam mama superb)
At a point, aku rasa macam aku ni memang takda bakat langsung kat dapur, takpe ar ada bakat pegang scalpel cukup kot
Masak ni, terlebih masin macam lori garam tumpah depan rumah
Masak tu, tawar semacam macam orang miskin takda gula ngan garam
Masak ni lagi, rasa bukan rasa dah jadinya
Ermm... =( (alhamdulillah sebab aku better la sikit daripada Cik Nabilah, ngee~)

Positive side --> aku akan berusaha untuk mengasah bakat mengasah pisau di dapur

p/s: orang kata kalau di tempat orang, makanan yang kita tak suka tu yang akan kita nak nanti, betul ke... tunggu jela tahun depan

Thursday, June 17, 2010

me n my thing

Sara is still Sara, she's the same her
Lazy is still lazy, nothing can change the fact

Sara = Lazy

Holiday is running well, unfortunately Sara's brain doesn't run well

When it comes to the part where my hands need to move for assignments, they get cramp, unmovable. My brain didn't function. My eyes blurred. OMG stupid excuses!!

Anyone willing to compare both novels above?
(tak interesting langsung cover, agak2 bila IB nak allow kitorang work on Hlovate ek?)
KMSians (IB), do we seriously need to work on those pieces?
Why?! (ok takyah jawab, dah tahu)

I've been on my toes tidying up the hall, kitchen and all parts of my house, I can say, but i don't even land my fingers on Microsof Words yet.

I enjoy rambling in blogspot, fb, yahoo chat, blogwalking bla bla bla
I'm kinda addicted to somewhere, thanks to Kak Elly for introducing me to that addictive blog which kills most of my time. (Do I have to thank to Kak Elly for pushing me into lembah pembuangan masa?) Saje jek Kak Elly, hehe.

Fine, fine, I'll strengthen my will. Ohh world lit, here Sara comes! EE too...

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

upside down

The one I should return to is Allah, I know that fact, but how exactly I get myself near to HIM these days, precisely during this holiday, I have nothing in mind. I have friends in college but I don't have the same clan at home who I can talk to, discuss. I am weak. The two-week period without listening to so-called tazkirah hardens my heart, I can say. The fact that we too have those so-called tazkirah abundantly online, they are yet different. To me, I need a group of people who I can meet and that to see they are talking in real, and a condition where we can have interactive session. Somehow, there is better to find at least an alternative way to feed your spiritual rather than none.

My parents are coming home in another two days and to say it in words honestly, I can't wait. They are my oxygen. I am gasping in the air along these two weeks keeping an eye on my two younger siblings who respectively have their own way to say NO to my sayings. I do look like a dictator sometimes, but all my words are meant for their good. I've just realized how hard a circumstance can be when you don't ask your family members' phone call, which consequently brought you into a fight. Huhh, bengangnye!!! Bro, I think you should at least text me that you couldn't ask my calls, anything can happen and I was worried at home, nobody knows. Done!!! Problem is solved with tears, ahh normal lah tu. Carrying a responsible on your shoulders is not a small matter that you can see it lightly especially when you are dealing with thickheaded people, I must say.

Whatever it is, I really really hope that my parents' journey home will be under HIS blessing and they will touch down safely. InsyaAllah....

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Cloudy ~__~

Date : 13 June 2010
Location : Rumah atok Naasiha
Event : Kenduri kawen (tapi bukan dia yang kawen)

Kenduri kawen yang sangat unik sebab kek hantaran yang unik
A cake with map on it
Assumption, sebab the bride is from Sabah n the groom is from Pahang
Kira jarak jauh ties their knot lahh
Susahnya kawen dengan orang jauh, nak raya berebut, "Tahun ni beraya rumah I"
Apa2 pon jodoh kan, semoga dirahmatiNya

Will miss this moment with awesome friends:

Fatin Ezzati
Ain Syafiza
Faten Aida

Seriously, sangat sedih bila hantar Hazie, Fiq balik
Then Faten naik bas, sayu gile, I can say
Two next days, pergi sekolah ambek sijil SPM dengan Shelly n Fatin
Sempat singgah rumah Akmal, lunch n tapau jeli kelapa yang amat sedap
Then hantar Shelly n Fatin balik pulak
Seriously, aku rasa sangat sedih, kawan2 menghilang depan mata, bila entah nak jumpa lagi
Masing2 dah bawak haluan sendiri
Masing2 dah ada clan lain, commitment n hidup sendiri
Somehow, tu lah fitrah hidup, bertemu dan berpisah, kalau ada rezeki jumpa lagi, insyaAllah

Monday, June 14, 2010

Kami ketemu lagi

Back to 2 years yang lepas, aku still pegang title budak sekolah menengah
Zaman riang-ria, penuh keremajaan, adolescence

SBPI Tun Abdul Razak introduced aku dengan kawan2, teman2, rakan2, sahabat2 yang terbaik di dunia, yang ciri2 diorang takkan pernah aku jumpa kat mana2 di pelosok dunia. Each of them is the one, the only one. Clan zaman sekolah yang sama2 membesar since form 1 sampai form 5, yang sama2 menempuh suka duka PMR n SPM. Study sama2, bermotivasi sama2, gelak sama2, nganjeng each other pon sama2.

Nak jumpa semula lepas keluar sekolah doesn't seem satu benda yang senang nak direalisasikan.
A credit to Akmal and Jurr for you guys punya ikhtiar untuk kita dipertemukan sekali lagi, plus preparation bbq, superb coconut jelly, nasi goreng dsb. I really2 enjoyed it!! Another thing, sangat2 terharu dengan Nabilah sebab sudi datang jauh dari Marang. Fatin too, dari Rompin, Niza lain kira okayy... <3

Date : 12 June 2010 (Sat)
Venue : Pantai Sepat, Kuantan
Time : (Sepatut start 10 am, VIP datang lambat, bbq start around 1 pm, sikit punye awal)
Event : BBQ + kena kejar kuda = fun

Rugi ar takda gambar @ video masa kuda mengamuk
Boleh tengok budak2 ni lumba berganti 400 m lari in fear
One thing for sure, Fiq ngan Nabilah mesti dapat gold and silver medal punya, hee

I'll miss this moment damn2 much, you guys memang superb:


Thanks for everything, especially Akmal n Jurr
To all other B2L 0408, kalau ada rezeki kita jumpa semua
Semoga tali persahabatan kita diberkati-NYA

p/s : terkejut dengan pemergiaan arwah Akmal Naim ke rahmatullah

Wednesday, June 9, 2010