Sunday, October 31, 2010


Lately I realized something beautiful
I realized things I got is not only for me myself.
Sharing is caring, huhh
Life is beautiful when you give.

Let's be giving

Allah likes it

Monday, October 25, 2010


How to stop thinking about someone who has nothing to do with you? Huhhh

Thursday, October 21, 2010

simple thingy

I always see big things
I don't see small things big.
I always think things simply, yes it's me.

Don't get the point? That's your fault. (??)

Something to deliver, but no smallest idea gets through the head. It's hard to choose accurate words huh.

Ok Ok


What comes across my mind?

I've realized, I think of this simply, perhaps in the simplest way, I sometimes ignore this Allah's word.

Firman Allah SWT dalam ayat 208 surah al-Baqarah bermaksud: "Wahaiorang-orang yang beriman! Masuklah kamu ke dalam Islam secaramenyeluruh dan janganlah kamu mengikuti langkah-langkah syaitan.Sesungguhnya syaitan itu adalah musuh kamu yang nyata."
I've done so so much things against this. I've realized how much I get deviated from the correct way. I tend to think big matters, at the same time, small little thingies are brushed aside.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

on line

We shouldn't be only knowing online in mind
In fact human being supposed to be on a straight line, always !

I've realized something lately, honestly it never came across my mind before. And once it came over, it stunned me, I got myself into sense. Which path are we following?

Kita datang ini hanya sebagai tetamu senja
Bila tiba detik kembalilah kita kepadaNya
Kita datang ini kosong tangan kosong dada
Bila pulang nanti bawa dosa bawa pahala

Pada tetamu yang datang dan kenal jalan pulang
Bawalah bakti mesra kepada tuhan kepada insan
Pada tetamu yang datang dan lupa jalan pulang
Usahlah derhaka kepada Tuhan kepada insan

Bila kita lihat manusia lupa tempat
Atau segera sesat puja darjat puja pangkat
Segera kita insaf kita ini punya kiblat
Segera kita ingat kita ini punya tekad

Bila kita lihat manusia terbiar larat
Hingga mesti merempat ke biru laut ke kuning darat
Harus kita lekas segera sedar pada tugas

Kita datang ini satu roh satu jasad
Bila pulang nanti bawalah bakti padat berkat
Lyrics by A. Samad Said
Sung by Kopratasa

This song emerged during my Malay class, past few days.

Kita datang ini hanya sebagai tetamu senja

Yes, we are! Then when the time comes, we'll return to HIM. And along the path towards the destination, all we have to do is collecting deeds for the hereafter. And yet, sometimes, we forget HIM.

Oh ALLAH, please strengthen us ! Guide us on the straight line before returning to YOU...

Thursday, October 14, 2010


Salam alayk

I've sent TOK essay second draft, my oral already passed 2 weeks ago, alhamdulillah.
Yet, our oral topic slightly deviated from it's supposed to be, we talked unneeded things, well not actually unnecessary but it's kinda being limited by the knowledge issue. Or else, it'd be good, HA HA HA perasan! Now am thinking of redoing.

And now also, EE second draft will kick off. I'll kick you or else the teacher will kick me, HA HA stupid joke (huhh ??)

Coming up next:

Taraaa... Malay IOC

(kalau budak2 IB tak taw jargon2 yg aku gunakan di atas mereka layak di'expel' dari dunia"

p/s : I'm looking forward to get home looking for some peace.

Monday, October 4, 2010


Czech? Poland ?

or INDIA ???

Manipal Melaka Medical College is somehow great!

p/s : Sara is busy, no time to get her blog updated =P