Monday, May 28, 2012

Salzburg, Austria '12

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*Sheesh, I don't have better idea to kick off.

I went to. Well actually it was 'we'. We went to Germany and Austria during lasssttt winter break, which was approximately 3 months ago. *Worgh lame nya kau Sara baru nak cerita* 6 of us. It was an usrah project. The plan's constructed even before I stepped in Vienna.

We started walking out of Neredin (students' lodging area) early in the morning because we had to transit in Prague before actually moved to Munich. 

The journey from Olomouc to Prague was nostalgic, I can say. Everyone here knows that Prague is extremely insecure from pickpocketing, but none of us was being aware that it could also happen in the train. I'd rather say the term 'pickpocket' is no longer applicable and that was a pick-backpacking. It happened when we all fell asleep (on the way to Prague) and nobody noticed when exactly the culprit sneaked into our cabin. 

The view inside the train. Harry-Potter-to-Hogwart-train style. Each cabin can allocate 6 or 8 persons.

Outside the train. Subhanallah sangat cantik. You could see more than an inch layer of snow outside. Wahh miss winter already. 

Then sampai-sampai Prague, the train heading to Munich had already departed, in other word, we missed the early train and had to wait for 4 hours for another one. In the mean time, Kak Kina, Syer and Tiqa went to lodge a police report regarding the money loss. Epic ! Frust jugak la sebab terpaksa tinggalkan Tiqa kat Prague because she lost her biomatrix card. You can't cross the country's border with no biomatrix card in hands. 

Overall journey took approximately 12 hours. Fuhh penat giloss. Should be 8 hours but we missed the earlier train. Dah rugi masa untuk walk around Munich time tu. Sampai-sampai main station Munich, mata melilau cari restoran halal sebab perut dah nyanyi lagu Like a G6. Alhamdulillah there in Munich, it's not very hard to find a restoran kebab halal so haruslah dengan rakusnya order durum kebab dengan daging melimpah-limpah sebab kebulur. Then, headed to our hotel. 

Well, it's actually a hostel, with very good amenities I can say.

Malamnya, melilau Marienplatz, a must-visit spot here in Munich. Takde apa sangat waktu malam, tengok lampu-lampu je la. Coincidentally time tu, ramai pulak teens Deustch melilau-lilau jugak kat situ, it's a weekend I guess, lupa. So rasa a lil threatened jugak lah tapi alhamdulillah policemen were everywhere to keep their eyes.

Marienplatz is a resident, used to be a cathedral kot. Superb. The building is untouched from modern influence. Completely preserved since it was early built.

 Me and Kak Kina, my naqibah aka buddy.

Esok, pergi rumah Kak Mima di Rosenham, masa tu still pregnant, sekarang anak dia dah keluar dah pun, haaa kira berapa lama dah entry ni hanging. And met other sisters from Russia. Lepas tu, headed to Salzburg, Austria. Jerman and Austria kan berjiran, so Rosenham and Salzburg tak jauh mana. 

Salzburg is also a tourist center. Kalau nak jumpa architecture Europe yang gah-gah macam di Munich, Salzburg is not the choice, tapi kalau nak tengok bangunan Eropah Timur yang ancient, yang diperbuat daripada tanah liat plane takde colour, this place can meet your desire. 

Before actually arrived at the castle. The bridge is awesome. Awesome tak awesome, sejuk beku hidung merah kalah Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer dah ni. 

 In a park. The pond water was frozen. Siap boleh jalan-jalan atas tu.

Shopping souvenir before actually arrived at the castle. Mozart kan asal dari Austria so almost all souvenirs mesti ada gambar Mozart. Mozart chocolates are sold too. Tapi kawan aku cakap rasa dia macam lipas. LOL.

Salzburg castle. Not really nicely-seen during winter. Macam Fort Margerita. Memang feeling Eastern Europe habis. 

View dari Castle. 

Subhanallah serius cantik. Bukan yang wintercoat pink kat tengah-tengah tu, yang tu semua pun tahu dia cantik. Bukit kat belakang tu yang cantik. Ok time ni memang senyum paksa sebab tak tahan sejuk weehhh. Aku dah pakai 6 lapis baju, 3 lapis seluar, 3 lapis stokin, 2 lapis gloves dah ni, tapi still gegar-gegar ketar-ketar lagi. Tak pernah terfikir akan pakai 6 lapis baju sebelum experience the true winter. Up to that moment, rasa nak tambah 2 lapis lagi. 

Castle tu seolah-olah macam kubu pertahanan negara. Kitorang nampak satu pintu kayu yang besar, dipercayai tempat keluar tentera berkuda kerajaan Austria time tu kot. Overall view kat castle ni, bagi aku agak scary sikit sebab terlalu ancient. Macam tempat berhantu pun ada. Dalam castle, ada muzium. Yang best, dalam castle ada heater, hee. 

Aku ingatkan nak tulis entry Germany-Austria sekaligus, alih-alih describe pasal Salzburg pun dah berjela belum masuk Neuschwanstein and Munich betul-betul lagi. Till the next entry !

Thursday, May 24, 2012


It has been a hectic life lately. Currently I'm in a dissection week where all medicine students have to devote their 5 hours per day exploring the cadavers. Penat tak terkata lah. Only 30 minutes maximum is provided for break, time tu lah solat, makan, tidur (memang tak pernah sempat). What makes thing worse is that the main foyer of faculty building has been closed due to construction so solat lah di mana-mana yang dirasakan bersih, and my favourite spot is a small corner near the photocopy machine. It used to be a busy place but since the computers are not anymore usable for this time being, it is the best secured place I can think of compared to larger spaces where others students are staggering around. Yes this is a challenge here. For many years, the seniors have been requesting for a small room for ritual purposes but they never stop using the reason that Palacky University is a free institution in where religions are meant to be another part separated from study, in other word, secular. Oh yeah, for your information, we've been performing our solat in two veery small telephone rooms all this while. 

Semakin hari semakin dekat dengan final exams. This is something we should be happy about sebab it means the days of going home is closer. In fact, my first final exam is going to be on this Monday and the rests follow. I've targeted to settle all the exams within this one month, let's only plan, Allah determines. Here in Czech, unlike students in other countries, we mostly don't take risk to book flight tickets before the exams officially finish even some of the seniors do. They are those with very high confidence, haha. Here, it's all about rezeki. Well, of course effort plays a very large part as well. Believe in both, everything will go smoothly. When everyone is asking, "Sara, bila balik Malaysia?", the typical answer would be "Taktaw lagi la, tengok la exam dulu macam mana" and I feel like copy-pasting the same line. For those who aren't yet familiar with Czech-universities systems, all the exams here are in oral, there'll be three attempts and if we don't pass through any of the attempts, we'll be in a hot soup. Dead ! 

Ya Allah, tidak ada kemudahan kecuali sesuatu yang Engkau permudahkan, Engkau menjadikan kedukaan itu mudah sekiranya Engkau kehendaki.

There're much more things to do before I can step on Malaysia's soil. Can't wait, seriously.

Ok it's a relief enough to have this blog finally updated. Caw !