Thursday, May 24, 2012


It has been a hectic life lately. Currently I'm in a dissection week where all medicine students have to devote their 5 hours per day exploring the cadavers. Penat tak terkata lah. Only 30 minutes maximum is provided for break, time tu lah solat, makan, tidur (memang tak pernah sempat). What makes thing worse is that the main foyer of faculty building has been closed due to construction so solat lah di mana-mana yang dirasakan bersih, and my favourite spot is a small corner near the photocopy machine. It used to be a busy place but since the computers are not anymore usable for this time being, it is the best secured place I can think of compared to larger spaces where others students are staggering around. Yes this is a challenge here. For many years, the seniors have been requesting for a small room for ritual purposes but they never stop using the reason that Palacky University is a free institution in where religions are meant to be another part separated from study, in other word, secular. Oh yeah, for your information, we've been performing our solat in two veery small telephone rooms all this while. 

Semakin hari semakin dekat dengan final exams. This is something we should be happy about sebab it means the days of going home is closer. In fact, my first final exam is going to be on this Monday and the rests follow. I've targeted to settle all the exams within this one month, let's only plan, Allah determines. Here in Czech, unlike students in other countries, we mostly don't take risk to book flight tickets before the exams officially finish even some of the seniors do. They are those with very high confidence, haha. Here, it's all about rezeki. Well, of course effort plays a very large part as well. Believe in both, everything will go smoothly. When everyone is asking, "Sara, bila balik Malaysia?", the typical answer would be "Taktaw lagi la, tengok la exam dulu macam mana" and I feel like copy-pasting the same line. For those who aren't yet familiar with Czech-universities systems, all the exams here are in oral, there'll be three attempts and if we don't pass through any of the attempts, we'll be in a hot soup. Dead ! 

Ya Allah, tidak ada kemudahan kecuali sesuatu yang Engkau permudahkan, Engkau menjadikan kedukaan itu mudah sekiranya Engkau kehendaki.

There're much more things to do before I can step on Malaysia's soil. Can't wait, seriously.

Ok it's a relief enough to have this blog finally updated. Caw !