Thursday, October 14, 2010


Salam alayk

I've sent TOK essay second draft, my oral already passed 2 weeks ago, alhamdulillah.
Yet, our oral topic slightly deviated from it's supposed to be, we talked unneeded things, well not actually unnecessary but it's kinda being limited by the knowledge issue. Or else, it'd be good, HA HA HA perasan! Now am thinking of redoing.

And now also, EE second draft will kick off. I'll kick you or else the teacher will kick me, HA HA stupid joke (huhh ??)

Coming up next:

Taraaa... Malay IOC

(kalau budak2 IB tak taw jargon2 yg aku gunakan di atas mereka layak di'expel' dari dunia"

p/s : I'm looking forward to get home looking for some peace.

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