Friday, April 13, 2012


Salam alayk.

Just escaped from a veryyyy hectic week, which was composed of 3 continuously tests. Alhamdulillah all things went well. Not to be forgotten, I still have another Biophysics test next week, which means, a weekend is not yours Sara ! Sooo not me. At least Saturday should be the best time to browse some blouses in Olimpia since the spring collection is here !  "Who's the geek studying during the weekends", the question which overwhelmed me when I was in college. And now, I AM that geek. Grr.

In this state, I'm on my toes working hardly for Anatomy since people even a teacher herself claimed it's one of the tactics be made to expel students out of university instead of Med Chem. Yeah, this is the system in Czech. They intentionally terminate students regardless on which year we are in. There's even 4th year student got expelled. Please don't reckon she/he didn't study hard or brilliant but how hard we DO revise, there's still a probability to fail the exam. Don't blame the syllabus because all what I know medical students all learn the same, but what makes Czech different is the system. And this is the time we managed to learn how to handle a failure which may not be something often occur previously. And the most importantly, this is the true time we realized ALLAH is the best ONE to be relied on. Yes, HE is always by our side.

In the middle of chaos, cewah, I indeed planned to go to France or Poland next week BUT something came out and I need to pathetically cancel the plan. To make it sounds more pathetic, next week is the only week we are free out of tests. And loads of tests in the list ahead. Plan B is rolling down. Amsterdam before Malaysia ! Come on Sara, there're only 2 months in between and you'll step out of the 1st year torture later.

I was initially triggered  to write something about my previous visits to Germany and UK a few months ago, unfortunately time constrain ceases. I would probably need to find a new site to write a travelogue. And stealing some time to start writing is another thing. 

Need to start positioning my eyes over Biophy now. Nashle !

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