Saturday, December 8, 2012

Winter's coming


Warghh lama nya tak menulis. Terketar-ketar pulak tangan ni. Menipu. Hari-hari mengomen kat facebook tu apekemenda?

Dah Decemberrrr! 7 bulan lagi balik Malaysia. Dear time, please run quickly. Kwang3, padahal baru 3 bulan balik Olomouc dah pikir durian kt kampung. 

And December ni lah the most torturing month in the whole year, in which winter is here. And winter tahun ni I can expect will be very bad and extreme since temperature sangat menggigit tulang sebab eventhough belum officially winter, suhu dahpun cecah -12 degree. 

Kami bebudak 2nd year maka dengan jakunnya main snowfight kat basketball court depan blok N3. Pastu coincidetally ada session jejak kasih antara Meera and her newly-found daughter, Jessica. 

 This is Jessica. =="

View dari basketball court depan blok N3, hostel aku.

 View dari tingkap bilik.

Just so people know winter in Czech is veeery extreme, apa tidaknya Czech is centrally located, a little into east and north in Europe so dapat tempias weather yang sangat extreme just like Poland. Well Russia can be even worse. Maka please consider few times before you come over to Europe during winter as later you'll regret sebab akan hanya terperap dalam bilik, melekat dengan heater, selubung dalam duvet. Not to forget, scenery during winter is not that beautiful, snow yang putih tepi-tepi jalan akan jadi hitam except for snow on mountain, that one is superbly beautiful, subhanallah.

I just came back from Brno, a city 1 hour from Olomouc, the aim is to shop but in spite massive and suspending shops, I can't even find one thing yang berkenan di hati maka lastly beli winter coat kat Terranova which is veeery common shop in Olomouc. Penat je jauh-jauh pegi Brno. Syer is even pitiful, balik Olomouc empty-handed but fortunately with full-stomach. XD.

I should have written about my trip to Budapest, Hungary this time but considering that I'll take more than an hour to describe all things, I'll give it a delay. One fine day, insyaAllah. Senang buat guidance untuk kawan-kawan yang akan visit Budapest nanti even tak banyak membantu. 

Nashle !

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