Monday, December 20, 2010

out of track

I'm here in the blogspot, a comeback huh

To remind myself, the end of the break is nearly to its end and all the course works are yet untouched, I mean ALL. I shouldn't say this proudly, shall I? In the middle of people who are currently struggling for the best in completing the mountainous works, I would need to humbly sit down and start thinking to put my hands on those assignments. Sara, when are you gonna start that? As some kind of solution, I think I would need a conducive condition to fix all things back. Backspace backspace.

What stops my momentum?

Hah, apa nih? WGM. Apa itu WGM? Google sendiri.
Those people above were guilty, especially Alex and Shin Ae. Gagaga.
p/s : I really hate their farewell, really. ='(

Since WGM is a show about relationship, it's not late to recommend this. WAFMWAFV, panjang sangat malas nak retype.

It's already old in market, but I only got the chance to buy one newer version lately. First from motivation-genre book in hands (yela selama ni dok asyik layan Hlovate je, instead of Charles Dickens and Thomas Hardy yang dah lama kutinggalkan)

Very useful, no doubt.

Just letting you know, I'm proud that this blog is finally updated. =P

p/s : Sara sounded cheesy. Yuckks =P. Bye

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