Tuesday, September 20, 2011


Alhamdulillah all things went well.

Started with a chaotic atmosphere arisen due to the fear of not getting a GRADS card. My parents rushed to KL central but the office was already closed. So redha jela bawak 20 kg of luggage. Instead of getting extra 3 kg which does not mean much, I opt to stay with 20 kg so that I'm not going to burden myself and friends to help in dragging the luggage from the baggage track later. Tapi last last timbang, net weight 27 kg and after throwing out a few things I considered quite important, the luggage turned out to be 23 kg. Ok lepas !

Ok everything went well, going through a tough time getting separated from family.

A day before actually arriving Olomouc, we stayed in Prague for a night to wait some other JPA students to arrive. And 50 euro is charged !

Hopefully, all iz well ...


InsyirahHakimi said...

all iz well, insyaAllah. All the best! :)

Cikgu Shura said...

so cmne penginapan?? rumah tu campur2 ke? ;)

Sara Hanapi said...

Tipah, insyaAllah, u 2 !

Shura, rumah ada 4 bilik. 2 bilik single 2 bilik double. 3 bilik msian, sorg chinese, boyfren dia slalu dtg sini. sorg lg bdk czech, boyfren dia dok sini, kwang3