Saturday, March 5, 2011


Salam alaik

Bersyukur kepada-NYA

Seriously, I never expected this gonna happen, thing miserably suddenly disappeared and after some while, I got it back. Not really some while la kot, beranak sungai jugak la air mata mengenangkan blog kesayangan hilang. Ohh pasal blog pon touching, aku pun tak paham.

Why do I love this blog so so much?

Because it's some kinda my online journal la kot, what came across my mind are visualized and written. Walaupun tak bes pon.

The strongest reason why is it did sketch my whole journey walking throughout life. Kejadian jatuh hati kat mamat kacak tepi jalan pun nak cerita, ohh itu tipu. Let blogs be something you can share benefits, perhaps not found in mine.

Thing to update about me (walaupun takde orang kesah pon)

I'm currently having a tough time revising ... now !

Final exam is just just around the corner tapi sempat nak blogging lagi.

Chasing for 35 !

Hoping for the best, InsyaALLAH.

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