Monday, June 15, 2009

Breaks out~~

Ok, my two youngers start their first schooling day of the new sem today n again, I'll be alone. Thanks to my love lappie for giving me such a great company...huhu~ At home, nothing more I can do while waiting for this coming 1 July except touring for novelish blogspots, the thing to get rid of my boredom. Of course, eat n eat, sleep n tv. N my job as a profesional home cook wil start again officially today. Ergh>>>watta a silly thing 2 do. Friends at u n mtrxs keep advicing me to check out the books so that I won't get a sudden shock stepping back in the learning period, thanks guyzz I appreciate those sayings so much. I'll do that later...hehe. I did hold a physic exercise book for at least last 2 weeks ago...huhu~ But frankly, I didn't write even a word at all. Blur~ plus the virus of laziness sticks with me still. Shuh..shuh...let the virus go and my passion on study penetrates into me. 15 days more to go before KMS will accept me as its new member (even the reply card isn't sent yet). Impatient?? I don really think so. I'll be away from my family again...huwa!!! :( But the passion to be back buzying myself with skycrapper-like homeworks n assignments brings me awake. Exciting even exhausting.


khadijah said...

hehe..same here.. bukak buku physics cam blurr je,formula tunggang terbalik..ape nak jadi entah..hehe..gudluck in kms,better enjoy and treasure every second u have now..pasni takde dah cuti lama2 gini..huhu

careirra said...
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careirra said...

betol3..this is the longest holiday of our life ever...gud luck 2 khadijah too