Thursday, June 17, 2010

me n my thing

Sara is still Sara, she's the same her
Lazy is still lazy, nothing can change the fact

Sara = Lazy

Holiday is running well, unfortunately Sara's brain doesn't run well

When it comes to the part where my hands need to move for assignments, they get cramp, unmovable. My brain didn't function. My eyes blurred. OMG stupid excuses!!

Anyone willing to compare both novels above?
(tak interesting langsung cover, agak2 bila IB nak allow kitorang work on Hlovate ek?)
KMSians (IB), do we seriously need to work on those pieces?
Why?! (ok takyah jawab, dah tahu)

I've been on my toes tidying up the hall, kitchen and all parts of my house, I can say, but i don't even land my fingers on Microsof Words yet.

I enjoy rambling in blogspot, fb, yahoo chat, blogwalking bla bla bla
I'm kinda addicted to somewhere, thanks to Kak Elly for introducing me to that addictive blog which kills most of my time. (Do I have to thank to Kak Elly for pushing me into lembah pembuangan masa?) Saje jek Kak Elly, hehe.

Fine, fine, I'll strengthen my will. Ohh world lit, here Sara comes! EE too...

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