Wednesday, June 16, 2010

upside down

The one I should return to is Allah, I know that fact, but how exactly I get myself near to HIM these days, precisely during this holiday, I have nothing in mind. I have friends in college but I don't have the same clan at home who I can talk to, discuss. I am weak. The two-week period without listening to so-called tazkirah hardens my heart, I can say. The fact that we too have those so-called tazkirah abundantly online, they are yet different. To me, I need a group of people who I can meet and that to see they are talking in real, and a condition where we can have interactive session. Somehow, there is better to find at least an alternative way to feed your spiritual rather than none.

My parents are coming home in another two days and to say it in words honestly, I can't wait. They are my oxygen. I am gasping in the air along these two weeks keeping an eye on my two younger siblings who respectively have their own way to say NO to my sayings. I do look like a dictator sometimes, but all my words are meant for their good. I've just realized how hard a circumstance can be when you don't ask your family members' phone call, which consequently brought you into a fight. Huhh, bengangnye!!! Bro, I think you should at least text me that you couldn't ask my calls, anything can happen and I was worried at home, nobody knows. Done!!! Problem is solved with tears, ahh normal lah tu. Carrying a responsible on your shoulders is not a small matter that you can see it lightly especially when you are dealing with thickheaded people, I must say.

Whatever it is, I really really hope that my parents' journey home will be under HIS blessing and they will touch down safely. InsyaAllah....

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