Saturday, May 23, 2009


It's been a quite long while not bloggin'. Blur + blank. No interesting stories happening around. friends have started registering themselves in IPTs yesterday. Me not yet....huhu, still got a month approximately to go. Frank speaking, I miss the learning moment so much...(feel envy to buddies). They probably are having so much fun plus tiring orientation week, watta a strong remembrance to our school period of form 1 and 4. Orientation week, a torturing period, being scolded, run here run there n bla bla bla.... that I wish not go through to 4 da 3rd time. In reality, it's a must.
My mom went to KL wif her friends yesterday, enjoyed dinner-ing + sightseeing. Actually she's been treated to be a friend's companion. I've been appointed as the professional home chef unofficially of the day replacing her as cooking's mom's job weekends. Dad slept+read+out. The only relaxing moment of his. Let him be. My sis n bro are in their exam mood (is dat true??) I can't see that yet. Whatever as long as they'll do well.
I'm still waiting 4 postmen to send my MARA offer letter. When it could that be? The letter will comfort n convince me stronger that I'm not making a wrong choice n so I can prepare well.

Now, I'm in process in finishing The Mayor of Casterbridge, a masterpiece of Thomas Hardy. A story on a husband who was regret after selling his own wife and their daughter. Quite boring...huhu~ but quite interesting..hihi. There're many challenges as well as sad n exciting moments slipped altogether creating a great thing to read.

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